MotoGP Sponsorship Marketing

Imagine having access to one of the most exciting sports
on the planet, their teams and athletes.
We can get you there.

It’s no mystery that the efficacy of magazine and TV commercials has been declining.
In the past decade, marketing fields have been evolving to find better ways to reach out to customers.

Not only sponsorship has maintained its popularity over the years: it has grown into it and evolved with the new media.

And we are here to make sure you get the most out of it.

With one of our MotoGP sponsorship programs, you will be seen on TV, on social media, on websites and even on the road.
With zero effort of your marketing team.

Experience the excitement of winning – on the track and beyond.

The core of sponsorship in MotoGP

  • your brand image is immediately linked to the emotion of the competition and the values of the sport, aligning with strong positive feelings with the viewer.
  • your brand is showcased in a non-intrusive way, without interrupting viewers while watching a MotoGP Grand Prix.
  • sponsorship brings countless activation opportunities and incredible international media coverage, beyond the sport event itself: further social media coverage, sport news, magazines and ambassador activities.
  • MotoGP offers powerful and positive storytelling, exclusive content, imagery rights and live events.
  • Sponsorship is fully-customisable, tailor-made around your marketing and commercial goals.
  • Yes, it beats its popular counterpart – influencer marketing. Here’s why.

Our process

How it all begins: from strategic planning to the execution

Step 1
You reach out to schedule a 20-minute discovery call.

Step 2
In the discovery call we talk about your company and your objectives. We answer your questions.

Step 3
We prepare a customised sponsorship package deal based on your budget.

Step 4
Whether you want to sponsor a team or a rider, we find your perfect match.

Step 5
We prepare the sponsorship agreement and get it all rolling.

And after that? We follow-up.

Once the sponsorship agreement is set, we track the partnership throughout its duration.
We make sure that everything works as planned and share valuable insights with your marketing team.
Thanks to the information flow, we make sure that you get in the fast lane with MotoGP sponsorship.

We will make you fall in love with MotoGP, over and over again.

Just get in touch.

Are you ready to up your game and join the fascinating world of MotoGP?

Your MotoGP sponsorship deal is waiting for you.