What is MotoGP? Your guide to the thrills of the two-wheel world

The team at MotoYume is always ready to publish anything related to MotoGP and the incredible world that surrounds it. We want this to be an introductory post that shares the 101 on MotoGP, so that you can familiarise yourself with this exciting sport.

MotoGP race start
As tight as it gets when the light goes off and the MotoGP race starts

What does MotoGP stand for?

The name itself stands for Moto Grand Prix, and this is a French term for “big prize”. When you hear the word MotoGP, you can expect to find the best motorcycle racers in the world competing with some of the highest-performing motorcycles, which can reach up to 226.2 mph (Ducati at Mugello).

MotoGP through the years

MotoGP is a phenomenon that spans over seven decades. The first official Grand Prix motorcycle race was held in 1949. The sport has grown significantly since then and it has evolved into the world-class championship that so many people love. 

European manufacturers such as MV Agusta, Gilera, and Norton, dominated the tracks with their motorcycles, but as the sport expanded, other manufacturers of worldwide fame such as Yamaha, Honda, and Suzuki, made their way in with their own designs.

During the 1960s and 1970s, the sport saw some of its greatest legends emerge. Three of the biggest names included Giacomo Agostini, Phil Read and Mike Hailwood. All of them showed their dominant skills during the races and broke numerous records.

New technologies and wonderful engineering advancements came into the world of MotoGP in the 1980s and 1990s. This brought new levels of speed and performance to the races; an extra level of excitement that the fans welcomed with open arms.

Today, MotoGP is a truly global sport, with races held all around the world, from Europe to Asia and on to the Americas. It continues to attract the best riders from all over the world, and its popularity shows no signs of slowing down.

Competitions and races back in the 50s, far from the current MotoGP technology.
MotoGP has evolved through the years, with the aim to improve not only the motorcycle technology, but also the safety on track

MotoGP, the F1 of two-wheel machines

To call MotoGP the F1 of the two-wheel machines is a very accurate description. The main difference between the two is that one makes use of motorcycles while the other uses specially designed cars, which are known as “formula one vehicles”. Given the basic rules and the high speeds they reach, it is safe to say that they are indeed similar in many ways.

The three categories of the MotoGP World Championship

Moto3 Class

This is the entry-level class to the international stage. It is perfect for the younger generation of riders to be able to showcase their skills and to make their way to the higher categories, based on their Moto3 performance. Moto3 races are often the most exciting to watch, with more than 10 racers fighting for the victory.
Machines in this class run 250cc four-stroke engines.

Moto2 Class

Those who reach the Moto2 class are able to compete on 600cc single-cylinder engines. These bikes allow higher speed and less tight racing. This category is considered the true proving ground for any racer that seeks to become a top MotoGP professional.

MotoGP Class

This is the ultimate class for any motorcycle rider that wishes to reach the highest upper echelon of competitors. The motorcycles in the MotoGP class have an engine capacity of 1000cc. You can expect the most advanced bikes in the world to be involved in these races.

When and where MotoGP races take place

The MotoGP World Championship is a worldwide event that takes place between March and November every year. There are several circuits included in the calendar, all with high standards for the facilities and safety conditions. Some of the countries that the series visits regularly are Spain, France, Italy, Germany, USA, Argentina, Japan, Australia, Malaysia and many more.

The FIM, which is the regulatory entity for MotoGP, creates a calendar for the races and events, which can vary from year to year. Despite the schedule changes, most event locations have been involved in Grand Prix events for a long time and are well-established as racing venues.

MotoGP, beyond the sport 

There is a large fanbase who follow everything related to the world of MotoGP. This means that you can find endless social media groups discussing the races, as well as accounts of riders and teams. You can also find many websites that talk about the motorcycle events and the riders.

The MotoGP documentary on Amazon prime provides an ideal look into this amazing world. It is perfect for those who are getting started, as well as those who are seasoned fans.

Riders that made history 

There have been many riders that have left their mark in the world of MotoGP. The MotoGP World Championship is the place for the very best to test their skills as they ride the finest machines created by top brands such as Ducati, Honda, and Yamaha just to name a few.

There are two riders that are seen as the very top and the ones with the highest legendary status, since the turn of the century: they are Valentino Rossi and Marc Marquez

Valentino Rossi

This Italian motorcycle racer has been an extremely relevant part of the MotoGP World Championship phenomenon. He is considered by many to be the best racer in the world and he competed for Honda, Ducati, and Yamaha. His dominance in the sport spans decades.

Marc Marquez

This Spanish racer is also arguably the best in the world according to many fans. He has a rather aggressive riding style that some consider too edgy, but this is also the reason why he has managed to attract so many fans worldwide.

MotoGP and its audience

If this is your first time hearing about MotoGP and the whole Grand Prix phenomenon that gathers high-level manufacturers to compete with the best motorcycles and riders in the world, we invite you to immerse yourself in the high-speed racing excitement that it brings.

Final thoughts on MotoGP

If you love high speed racing that combines man and machine in perfect harmony, you will find MotoGP to be an amazingly thrilling experience. It is all a matter of getting as much information as you can in order to learn the basics and enjoy the events to the fullest.